014 SARGEIST (Fin) "Let The Devil In" Tape Album
The feracious, harsh and evil album of finnish band Sargeist for the first time in tape format. Official license to South America, limited to 200 copies.

016 AGARES (Chi) "Forgotten Land" Demo Tape
Cold and eerie black metal in the 90´s early years tradition

013 EVIL MADNESS (Chi)/INFANT DEATH (Nor) Split Tape
Merciless attack of twisted and wicked thrash from Evil Madness and fast and aggressive black thrash from Infant Death.

012 BURIED "The Expelling Of The Nameless Horrors II"
Traditional death metal with influencies of Asphyx/Soulburn, Obituary, Death and Morta Skuld. Co released with Under The Command Of Hate.

011 OSSEOUS "Life After Death" Demo Tape
Old school death thrash witj early Atomic Aggressor and old Sepultura influencies. Limited to 100 copies. First 30 copies in black tape are sold out. The rest are in transparent tape.

010 HERETIC EXECUTION "Evil And Doom" Tape Ep
Death metal from Brazil with touches of old Vital Remains, Deicide or Godless Rising. 

Two chilean old school death metal beasts are gathered in one tape. Butamacho plays death in the Nihilist and Autopsy tradition and Lapidation bring us the old chilean scene sound like Torturer or reminds old Morgoth. 
006 SHAMBLES (Thai) "Black Candles Magnetic Doom"
Obscure and deep death doom metal from Thailand recorded in 100 copies of chrome cassettes. Last copies.