GENOCIDE KOMMANDO (Fra/Port) "Black Metal Supremacy" Cd Re-release

KUR (Chi) "The Darkest And Oldest Wisdom" Tape

CENOTAFIO (Chi) "La Fatídica Excrecencia de la Subtierra" Cd and Digibook A5

DO SKONU (Ukr) "Cold Streams Of Death Cd
Re-release from the 2012 album of the ukranian black metal entity Do Skonu.

014 SARGEIST (Fin) "Let The Devil In" Tape Album
The feracious, harsh and evil album of finnish band Sargeist for the first time in tape format. Official license to South America, limited to 200 copies.

006 SHAMBLES (Thai) "Black Candles Magnetic Doom"
Obscure and deep death doom metal from Thailand recorded in 100 copies of chrome cassettes. Last copies.